Flamingo Heights 640 Glamping Proposal Updates

March 17th, 2023 Developer Appeal - 03/17/2023:
Developers, Robott Land, have filed an appeal against the March 9th Planning Commission denial with the Board of Supervisors. Sometime in the near future this will be on an agenda before the Board of Supervisors. We will notify you here when that date is set.
Download the Application Summary Report

2023 Planning Commission Decision:
"Denied Without Prejudice" - 03/09/2023
Despite a recommendation for approval from the County Department of Land Use Services, the project was “denied without prejudice” when no one on the planning commission was willing to make a motion to approve a Conditional Use Permit. HVCC President Justin Merino attended and provided comments opposing the proposal.
Download the Comments Here

Robott Land has provided answers to the questions posed at the August HVCC meeting (provided September 13, 2022)
Robott Land Answers To HVCC August 2022 Meeting Questions

Download the audio from the Robott Land Co. presentation and attendee comments at the August 15th HVCC Meeting

Download the Robott Land Co. PDF handout from the August 15th HVCC meeting

See the April 2022 HVCC Comments to the Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration

Download the April 2022 HVCC Action Packet for Submitting Comments

See the April 2021 HVCC comments to the Initial Study

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