Johnson Valley

Homesteaders in the 1950s took advantage of the opening of public lands for 5-acre parcels and settled one of the last of the pioneer areas of California. They arrived in Johnson Valley on the meandering dirt road that later became Hwy. 247. They were largely vacationers and weekenders getting away from the pressures of the city. Some loved it so much they became full time residents. After the homestead movement ended, the establishment of the nearby Johnson Valley Off Highway Vehicle recreation area, the largest in the country, attracted even more weekenders. The attitudes in Johnson Valley still reflect a unique self-reliant get-away-from-it-all urge.

Feeling the need for community organization, the homesteaders banded together over 50 years ago and started what became the Johnson Valley Improvement Association. They bought property on the old road for a Community Center. The original simple structure has been remodeled through the generations to achieve its present size, largely by volunteers of JVIA.

JVIA owns and operates the Johnson Valley Community Center. The Official website for Johnson Valley is The site contains a community bulletin board, calendar of events held at the JVIA center, and their weekly "Neighborhood News".

Proceeds from the Saturday Breakfast, cooked and served by volunteers of JVIA, maintains the Center as an educational, social and emergency hub for this entire scattered and isolated community.
Homestead Valley Community Council
50567B Quailbush Rd.
Johnson Valley, CA  92285

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